3012. Head of river-god left / Forepart of man-faced bull left, STI above (POTENTIAL FORGERY)


Circa 405 BC. AV 10 Litrae or didrachm (0.90 gm). Head of young river-god left, with short hair bound by wreath; to left, long reed / STI above forepart of man-headed bull walking left. Unique and unpublished. For this type in silver, cf. Rizzo pg. 58-59, fig. 16 a and b = BMC pg. 144, 1 and 2 (drachm and hemidrachm); SNG ANS 748 = Jameson 733 (hemidrachm); NAC 13, 420 (drachm). EF, of high artistic style, reminiscent of the celebrated Catanian “maestro della foglia” Apollo head (SNG ANS 1256). (See color enlargement on plate 1.) (CNG, Triton VI, 104)

This coin might be a forgery, according to members of the discussion board.  See the Fake Coin Report here:



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